Why a small and short penis can be bad news for you and how you can right the wrong the nature has done to you ...

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Just like any part of the human anatomy, the penis comes in various size:-

1. Short

2. Regular

3. Oh My God!

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If your penis is short, it may be time to do take some concrete corrective actions. But first, why is a small penis such a bad deal for men? After all, shouldn't we be grateful that at least our penis is functioning well, size notwithstanding? Well, not really and here's why being a "shorty" is no good for you or your partner :-

1. A small and short penis is visually boring - not only to your partner to you but probably to yourself too

Imagine you are dating the sexiest girl in town and this is the first night you are making out. You start fine with some nifty foreplays and then it is time to bare all. When you take it out, you can't help but notice the disappointment in her eyes. What an anti -climax! A small and short penis is not only visually unexciting, it can be a turn off too.

2. There is no way a short penis can reach her G spot

Whether you know it or not, a girl's most sensitive part (where she derive the most pleasure) is the G-spot. This is the sweet spot that is located deep, under the roof of her love canal. Stimulation of the G-spot can bring a woman to a beautiful climax. But to reach her golden spot, you need a long equipment. A short penis can never do that in a million years, no matter how hard you try. Sad but true, if you can't really please your partner, someone else will.

3. A short penis is less sensitive for you and your partner

The nerves of pleasure are all over the penis surface. If you have a short and small penis, then this means that the number of nerves will be proportionately smaller as well. Thus you will not fully enjoy the sexual sensations that a longer penis can give you. This will also affect your partner's pleasure.

4. You can lose your self esteem because of a short and small penis

Believe or not, most men want their penises to be huge. Every dude wants to be "well hung", like a horse. Why? Because a bigger member represents more power, more ego, more everything. On the other hand, a small or short penis can lead to a loss of self esteem in a man as he may feel inadequate and not up to the mark.

The above are just 4 reasons why a small and short penis is a bad deal for you - no can do!

So, what can you do if you have a short and/or small penis?

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