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Do Semen Pills Work?

What are semen enhancement pill? What can you gain from semen pills? This review gives you the lowdown..

semen enhancment pills work

Semen pills, do they work? That seems to be the question some men are asking. It could be because as a man ages, his semen and sperm production tend to decline. So it is only natural for one to look for a semen or sperm enhancing supplement that can help solve the problem.

There are a variety of reasons why a man's semen production can decline - and age is one factor. Other factors include a bad lifestyle, too much smoking and drinking and even genetic reasons.

Whatever the causes, semen enhancement pills seem to be able to help. Not only is it effective in raising the production of semen and sperm a man ejaculates, it is also easy and convenient to use.

So lets see exactly how a semen pill works..

How do semen enhancement pills work?

semen pills

As mentioned before, semen enhancement or enhancer pills (like Volume Pill on your right) can increase a man's semen & sperm volume. But how does such a pill work?

Simply put, a semen pill contains powerful male aphrodisiac herbs that are proven to improve semen and sperm quality, increase semen | sperm production etc.

Semen pills are now recommended by western urologists. In the past, the herbs that make up these pills were used only by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physicians. Today, they are being used to make semen enhancing pills which are more convenient for consumption and storage.

Typically, such pills contain herbals like Epimedium Sagittatum, Catuaba Bark, L-Arginine HGL, Maca etc. These herbal ingredients are known aphrodisiacs that increase semen and sperm naturally over time.

The herbal ingredients work by nourishing the various components of the complex male sexual organs. : the ejaculatory ducts, the prostate gland, the vas deferens and so on. The various organs are collectively responsible for the production of healthy, plentiful semen and sperm.

Some of the herbal ingredients in good semen pills can induce the production of the male hormone, testosterone, thus encourgaging more semen and sperm production.

A little caution on semen pills, though

Some semen pills on the market today contain ingredients that may not be good for your overall health. A herbal ingredient in quesion is Yohimbe. This herb is being "watched" by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for possible negative side effects so it is to your best interest to avoid any product with Yohimbe as an ingredient.

In addition, you need to be extra careful about purchasing pills on the internet or anywhere else for that matter. Make sure you are buying from a reputable vendor as scam artistes are lurking in every corner.

Which brings us to the next question ...

Which semen pill should I buy?

To help you along, we have researched and found 2 semen pills you can consider. Read more...

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